New Opulence

01.09.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

It`s a fusion of the past, present and future as interpreted in fashion. A combination of classics and décor with a new, optimistic twist achieves an elegant balance between minimalism and...


The Adventure

30.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

The term recrafted nature encapsulates the modern connection between nature and innovation. It’s all about breaking away from familiar ways of thinking, adventurous fusions and ultimately the chance to expand...


Night Shades

25.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

This theme is a poetic and mysterious fashion trend with deep and atmospheric dark hues that exude an enticing radiance. This dramatic aura comes across in sculptural textures and matte, gloss...


The Confident

23.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

Generation Y is the buzzword here. These looks reinterpret defining influences from a broad variety of scenes and lifestyles—from Britpop to grunge to skate punk. An ironic nod is given...


Growing Country

19.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

This Trend is informed by both nature and innovation. Natural colors, finishes and textures exude a sense of roughness. The interplay between these qualities and innovative fabrication techniques and comfort creates...


The Playwright

16.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

This trend plays on creativity and expressiveness in a range of dark hues to generate a dramatic atmosphere with dandy affectations. This trend is built on new interpretations to suit...


Smooth Industrial

11.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

SMOOTH INDUSTRIAL is a meditation on imperfection, melding handmade and industrial elements. Functionality, chicness and sportiness are the three keywords for this trend with looks featuring open seams, hand-sewn hemlines...


The Explorer

09.08.2016 Union Knopf GmbH 0

Clarity, tradition, rationality and subtle sportswear influences all play a role in this trend. This sophisticated take on straightforward, no-frills design in unexpected styling combinations makes for new and exciting...